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26 April 2009 @ 11:14 pm
Joo Ji-hoon busted for drug use  
Joo Ji-hoon busted for drug use

Whoa. Five people have been busted for drug trafficking, selling, and/or use — and three of them celebrities.

Most shocking is the involvement of popular actor Joo Ji-hoon, of movies Antique Bakery and The Naked Kitchen.

A representative from the Seoul police’s drug investigation department told reporters on April 26, “Joo Ji-hoon was investigated and admitted to drug use.” Joo reportedly bought the drugs — which include Ecstasy and Ketamine — from a fellow celebrity. Two non-celebrity individuals were booked for drug use along with Joo, but the three were not jailed. Police have filed for arrest warrants for the traffickers, movie actress Yoon Seol-hee and model Yeh Hak-young.

According to the police, Yoon is suspected of having received approximately 100 million won ($75,000) from Yeh and others between August 2007 through December 2008. She allegedly traveled from Japan fourteen times to purchase, smuggle, and sell Ecstasy and Ketamine. (Yeh supposedly accompanied her several times.) The drugs had been smuggled into the country by concealing them in underclothes worn by Yoon.

Joo Ji-hoon is thought to have used the drugs on two occasions along with the other reported individuals, at a Kangnam club and at home.

The 26-year-old Joo Ji-hoon shot to fame after acting the lead role of the prince in the incredibly popular teen drama Goong (Princess Hours) in 2006, which he followed with the dark thriller drama Devil in 2007. Most recently, he took the lead in the manga-adapted film Antique Bakery and the offbeat romance The Naked Kitchen.

YIIIIKES. I’m guessing he’ll be dropped from the Tokyo Tower remake now — if not prevented from acting altogether. Drug use — particularly in South Korea — is a big, big deal, and potentially career-killing stuff. Don’t do drugs, folks!


Police seek actress, other celebs on drug charges

April 27, 2009

An actress and a model are at the center of a wider police narcotics investigation that could snare a host of celebrities.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said yesterday that it is seeking arrest warrants for Yun Seol-hee, a 28-year-old actress, and Ye Hak-young, a 26-year-old male model, in violation of the nation’s drug laws.
Authorities also are investigating three other people - including Joo Ji-hoon, a popular fashion model and actor - on related matters and say they suspect another 20 might have been involved as well. Charges range from drug smuggling to narcotics use and sales.

“We will expand the investigation because the drug smuggling and sales have gone on for a long time,” a police official said. “We believe there will be more buyers and users.”

Yun is accused of smuggling 280 tablets of ecstasy and 280 grams of ketamine into Korea from Japan on 14 occasions from August 2007 to December last year.

Police claim she sold and used the drugs with fellow entertainers at clubs in southern Seoul and at her house. They say she received more than 100 million won ($74,516) from drug sales over the past 16 months.

“It is the first time that a celebrity was accused of supplying banned substances,” a police official said.

Police also accuse Ye of buying 3.2 million won worth of drugs from Yun.
Entertainer Joo is accused of using drugs twice in March last year while partying with Yun.

“I was very drunk, and I did the drugs without much thinking,” Joo was quoted as saying by the police.

Joo, 27, became a celebrity after his TV drama “Princess Hours” became a hit in 2006.

MDMA, better known by its street name ecstasy, and ketamine, a veterinary anesthetic widely abused as a party drug, are illegal substances in Korea.

Jaaanananana.njkecique on April 27th, 2009 06:47 am (UTC)
Arghhhhhhh I hope this news will go away :s JJH D':