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Heo Lee Jae, affected by the low ratings

Posted February 9, 2007

Heo Lee Jae, affected by the low ratings

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The female lead Heo Lee Jae of the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama "Palace, which has been fighting against the depreciating audience ratings, cried.

Heo Lee Jae, shooting all night in the cold weather, felt liable for the falling ratings of "Palace S", which is competing with other dramas. It was reported by an authorized personnel that Heo Lee Jae quietly cried during the filming's resting time because she blamed herself of the low ratings. Her manager was actually surprised to see Heo crying.

"You do your best in everything. Do not feel that you are responsible for it", the manager said, comforting Heo Lee Jae.

"Palace S" recorded an audience rating of 5.9% in its February 8 episode.

Source: nocut news
Credit: http://z12.invisionfree.com/Se7enth_Heaven/
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