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17 January 2010 @ 08:01 pm
Forgive Me(Goong:YULCG)  

Author's Note: Yes I dont support ShinXCG. I just love Yul's actions towards CG and now i havent finished the series yet.
xD well here you go.Right when ep 14.where yul finds CG. My Spinoff.


Falling in love was just too hard on her.

"I thought I'd find you here"Yul said finally finding Chae-kyung in their secret place playing that sad guitar.

"Yul-Goon...can you ever forgive me? "she bit her lip then sighed. "I thought Shin would change..I thought maybe if time passed this one sided love would fade. but I am so tired of him."She said covering her mouth with her hand.

"Yah...dont cry over him"he said before pulling her close and hugged her.

"I wish i fell in love with you Yul-goon...i wish i hated Shin..."She mumbled and those words just hurt Yul more. Causet they were all just a wish.


"Yul-Goon..I want you to..."

Shin finally finds them and splits them apart and punches Yul.

"YAH WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!"ChaeKyung was frightened. She never wanted Yul To get hurt because of her.

"Don't you ever touch my wife again."Shin said before pulling Chaekyung away who was stuggling.

"LET GO!"She kept screaming tears falling and she just swinged his arm off. "lets get a divorce. like you wanted."

"what?"he looked at her.

"Im tired and its harder and harder to be with you.Just go back to Hyorin."She said through her teeth and then left the car.

As she walked towards the small forest she got her phone out and texted Yul.

'lets meet at at the forest..'

she sighed and held her heart. "Why does it hurt to be away from him...why now? "

She then felt tears falling. "I need you now more then ever yul-goon..."

"well im here like you wished Chaekyung-ah"Yul said behind her with a small smile before sitting behind her and hugging her."you alright?"

"Im fine...I didnt get to finish my sentence...I want you to have my heart yul-goon."

yul just stared at her shocked."chaekyung i dont need your pity. your just angry at Shin Right now.I dont want you to regret this later."

"Ive been hurting Yul-goon too long havent I? . Your the one that was always there...And i cant stand being away from you now."

Yul just looked away and saw her smiling. And then smiled. "chaekyung...saranghae"he said before leaning to kiss her cheek..

"I can give you my heart now Yul-oppa"She said before hugging him tightly.


MAH ALL DONE! XD idk i wanted to do a yulXCK think
sorry to all the SHINXCK but i just love yul>< XD


(Anonymous) on January 18th, 2010 11:26 am (UTC)
thanks for writing :)